Pre-bonded hair extensions

Pre-bonded hair extensions come with keratin resin bonds already attached. Keratin is natural protein found in human hair. Keratin based bonding resin is the strongest yet kindest, most flexible hair extensions attachment resin currently available. Unlike silicone based glues which are difficult to remove and may damage your own hair, keratin resin is easily removed causing no damage to your own hair. These bonds are coloured similarly to the hair extensions and are about the size of a grain of rice so that they are virtually undetectable.

Pre Bonded hair extensions are attached to your hair via a small heated applicator which melts the bond at a fairly low temperature. Your hair extension technicians will the roll this into a seal around small sections of your own hair.  Most wearers of pre-bonded hair extensions experience virtually no extension hair shedding with this method.

Pre bonded Hair Extensions can be applied in one solid colour or multiple colours can be applied in combination to create highlights and lowlights as well as fashionable colour flashes. More practical and longer lasting than Clip-in Hair Extensions, each fitting of Shrink tube Hair Extensions should last at least 3 months with correct after care and regular maintenance. The extension hair can be removed, re-tipped and re-fitted if still in good condition.

Note: Not suitable for clients with excessively oily / greasy hair as this can break down the bonds and cause the extensions to slip out.

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I’m professionally trained, insured and experienced hair extension technician based in Cupar, Fife. My aim is to make hair extensions to look as natural as possible. I know how important is for hair extensions to look and feel like your own hair.

Kerry connor
Jan 02, 2015

hi there I have the keratin bond extensions I had them done at Glamour in Dundee. I’m needing them removed asap im in kennoway was hoping you would be as to do this for me as it’s closer to home this weekend would be perfect. any chance you can help me out.