Micro ring hair extensions

Micro ring hair extensions is hair extension method which is guaranteed not to damage your own hair. This method is completely glue, heat and chemical free. Individual strands of human hair are held securely in place using tiny micro-ring clips which are gripped together using specialist tools. No harmful chemicals are used, resulting in no stress being caused to the hair or roots, meaning these are the safest hair extension methods available anywhere in the world. Beautiful, fully natural looking, long lasting human hair extensions.

Small sections of your own hair are gently pulled through the micro rings. Hair extension strands are placed inside the rings and then the micro rings are squeezed shut using hair extension pliers. This in effect clamps the hair extensions to your own natural hair. The micro rings / micro links sit flat against your scalp. Micro rings are small metal rings coated in plastic to provide comfort and cushioning to your scalp. The micro rings are also silicone lined to protect your own natural hair and help guard against slipping. Micro Rings come in a variety of colours and will be chosen to blend in with your extensions.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions can be applied in one solid colour or multiple colours can be applied in combination to create highlights and lowlights as well as fashionable colour flashes. More practical and longer lasting than Clip-in Hair Extensions, each fitting of Micro Ring Hair Extensions should last at least 3 months with correct after care and regular maintenance. A very cost effective method as the extension hair can be removed and re-fitted if still in good condition.

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I’m professionally trained, insured and experienced hair extension technician based in Cupar, Fife. My aim is to make hair extensions to look as natural as possible. I know how important is for hair extensions to look and feel like your own hair.

Oct 01, 2016

Hi I have been thinking about hair extensions for a number of years but have been very wary. I have very fine hair and would mainly be looking for thickness and adding a little more length. Hair currently sits at my collar bone. How much is a consultation?