All hair we use for our hair extensions are 100% human Remy and ethically sourced.

Indian Remy Hair

Our suppliers Indian Remy hair is sourced direct from India, all hair is cuticle correct, meaning all of the cuticles in all strands of hair are aligned in the same direction, thus reducing tangling and matting in the hair. Indian Remy hair is soft and supple and is more European like in texture, it has a life span of 4-6 months and in most cases can be re-used if cared for and maintained well, and for this we recommend the Cupar hair extension hair care range to pro- long the life of your hair extensions. This hair can be heat styled, curled, straightened.  Hair extensions are available in length of 14-26 inch. Thickness of strand 0.5g, 0.8g, 1g also in straight, body wave or curly texture.

 Indian Virgin Hair

Indian virgin natural coloured hair, this hair is raw virgin temple hair that has been coloured once using the best colouring technique to date to maintain the full structure and softness of the hair with no other processing what so ever. Virgin coloured Indian Remy, premium quality hair, grade AAAA + Cuticle correct making it low maintenance and silky soft.

The life span of this hair type is 8-12 months or longer if cared for well. This hair is very strong and resistant to high temperatures so it can be heat styled, straightened, permed, bleached or dyed. Hair extensions are available from 16-24 inch. Thickness of 0.8g per strand. Straight, body wave or curly texture.

European Remy hair

Exclusive European Remy is a high quality premium natural hair of European origin. Obtained mainly in Southern Europe, carefully selected and soft to the touch, it is available in a range of colours. Exclusive European Remy is a natural hair, cuticle correct, with all hairs running in the same direction, providing long lasting wear. With its full intact structure making this hair strong and healthy while retaining its entire luster distinguishes it from our other Remy hair types, giving it a longer life span than other Remy hair types.

This hair will last 12-17 months or longer with proper care and maintenance. This hair can also be heat styled, coloured and permed.  Hair extensions available in straight, body wave or curly texture.

 Russian/Slavic hair

Russian/Slavic hair is very high quality hair, it is soft, shiny, and strong and cuticle correct, all cuticles’ run in the same direction from root to tip .The hair has a life span of around 2 years or longer depending on the individuals care and maintenance routine so it can be re-tipped and re-used. All of our Russian hair starts life as Virgin Russian hair and colouring is done by a licensed professional colourist who is certified in the colouring of Virgin Russian hair to get a range or natural colours, all our Russian hair is imported direct from the Russian federation and is true 100% authentic Russian hair. You can dye, straighten, curl, and perm the hair the same as you would your own hair. The hair comes in pre tipped 1 gram strands.

 Virgin Brazilian hair

Virgin Brazilian hair is particularly strong and thick. It’s a good option for clients who struggle to find a suitable texture mach with the more common extension hair types. It’s great for people who find the need more than average full head of extensions to balance their own natural volume. Brazilian hair is very popular with clients who have naturally curly hair. This type of hair available in straight, wavy or curly textures – completely natural, never permed. As its Virgin hair it come in natural colours ranging though browns and blacks but can also be coloured. Brazilian hair last approximately 1-2 years depending on individuals after care and correct maintenance.

We don’t use cheap non-Remy hair extensions as we believe every client deserves    a high quality product that will last.

A lot of hair available on the market has been poorly collected and its unsuitable for European style hair extensions. Such as hair s often stripped in acid baths and then coated with silicone before sale to Europe. This acid bath destroys the protective cuticle of the hair and once the silicone coating washes off, the hair extensions will become dry, brittle, tangle and dry.

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I’m professionally trained, insured and experienced hair extension technician based in Cupar, Fife. My aim is to make hair extensions to look as natural as possible. I know how important is for hair extensions to look and feel like your own hair.

Nov 17, 2015

Hi there, wondering if u could help me.
I am looking for an hair extensions wholesalers to use for my salon. I need 100% remy hair. Wether it be indian, Russian or Asia. The company I have used for last 6 years have upped their prices lots, opened to trade, and quality of hair is poor which is my main concern. It’s not remy or of the good quality it used to be. I have shopped about over the last 5 weeks but need a true wholesalers with variety and the right price. Im emailing rather than buying try get a decent company. I’m ready to not offer extensions in my salon no more as the last 3 companies I’ve used my clients have complained and I’m one to offer the very best for my clients :( I’m in a very difficult position and don’t no hat to do I hope u can help me as I would be putting a lot of business ur way for every kind of hair extensions.

Thank you