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Will hair extensions damage my hair?

If hair extensions are correctly applied, maintained and removed by a qualified hair extension technician there should be no damage to your own hair. You Must follow the instructions and after care given to you by your hair extension technician to avoid any causing damage to either your hair or the Hair Extensions.

How long does my own hair has to be?

To be suitable for hair extensions your hair has to be at least 3-4 inches long. Long enough to fit into a ponytail, even if it’s just a short one.

How long does my hair extension last for?

Most of hair extension methods last up to 3-4 month, after which they should be removed by professional Hair extension technician. If you leave hair extensions in for longer they may get matted making removal more difficult and may break/damage your own hair.

Can I re-use my hair extensions?

If Pre-bonded and shrink tube hair extensions are still in good condition, it can be re-tipped and refitted, depending on which hair type you choose for fitting. Micro ring and Nano ring hair extensions can be re-used without re-tipping.

How long does it take to apply hair extensions?

Depending on fitting method you choose. A full head take around 3-4 hours to fit.

What type of hair extensions you use?

More often we use Indian Remy and Indian Luxury Remy human hair extensions. Also available Indian Virgin Remy, European Remy and Brazilian Remy human hair extensions.

How will you match the Hair Extension colour to my own?

Your colour match will be done on your consultation or colour match session using Hair extension colour ring.

Can I mix different colours?

Yes you can mix colours creating lowlights, highlights or even bright colour flashes. We do not charge extra for mix of colours.

Can I colour hair extensions?

With so many colour available it’s unlikely you will need to colour your hair extensions. Its not advised to colour your Indian Remy or Indian Luxury hair extensions but can be done with Indian Virgin, European Remy and Brazilian Virgin hair extensions.

How often should I wash my hair extensions?

Hair extensions should be washed no more than 2-3 times a week.

What hair products should I use while wearing hair extensions?

You should always use products designed especially for hair extensions. These products do not contain sulphate and alcohol. Its advised use Cupar Hair extensions Shampoo, Conditioner and Protein spray to keep your hair extensions at the best condition as possible. Always use heat protector when straightening or curling your hair extensions to avoid damage to your extensions.

What hair brush should I use for my hair extensions?

Always use hair brush designed for hair extensions called loop brush or tangle teezer.

Can I heat style my Hair Extensions?

All our hair extensions can be treated like your natural hair. They can be blow dried straightened or curled.

What is Maintenance?

During your maintenance your hair extension technician will carefully check all of your bonds/Micro rings/Nano rings. Any hair extension strands that you may have lost will be re-attached or replace with new ones. Thinning or damaged strands will also be removed and replaced. Any tangles or matting will be combed out and if necessary, some strands may be moved or re-arranged to avoid any potential strain or future damage to your own hair.

How often should I have maintenance?

A maintenance session should be carried out by a professional technician once every 6 weeks; it takes between 1-3 hours depending on how much work needs to be done.

What preparation should I do before having my Hair extensions fitted?

You will need to wash your hair twice with clarifying shampoo on the day of your fitting. Do not use conditioner or any other hair products. Blow dry and straighten your hair f possible.

Should I expect to lose much extension hair?

You can experience some shedding and you may lose some entire extension strands but do not worry as this is quite normal. Any thinning or missing strands will be replaced during your next maintenance appointment.

Can I remove hair extensions myself?

Its highly recommended that you get a professional hair extension technician to remove your hair extensions. Removal by an untrained person can result in damage to the natural hair. Cupar Hair extension cannot be held responsible for any damage to your own hair should you attempts to remove the Hair extensions yourself.

Can I wear Hair extensions if I am expecting a baby?

Yes you can, but It’s highly advised to remove hair extensions 4 weeks before baby is due. After having a baby your body is changing and so as hormones, which cause your natural hair to shed a lot more than normal. Wearing hair extensions during this period while your hair is weak will cause your natural hair shed even more as there is a lot of extra weight added. This period normally is around 6 month.

Will hair extensions make my own hair thinner?

Absolutely not. Most people are unaware that their own hair sheds on a daily basis. Every day you lose around 80-100 hair. This natural hair loss continues whilst you are wearing hair extensions but its caught up in your attachments, it won’t be lost as normal. So when the time come for your hair extensions to be removed, all of that normal hair that has already been shed is released and it can appear as thought a lot of hair is coming out all in once. Remember if you are wearing extensions for 12 weeks that’s up to 8400 hairs you will have shed in this natural process. You may also think that your hair feels thinner afterwards but this will be because you have been used to having much thicker hair when wearing hair extensions.

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